Mind over Markets: Power Trading With Market Generated Information

Автор: James F. Dalton, Eric T. Jones, Robert Bevan Dalton

Издательство: Traders Press

Год издания: 1999

This book is an examination of Market Profile(tm) charting concepts. The Market Profile principle is also used by knowledgeable and experienced day traders. This is the best available text on the subject. The key element that has long separated tremendously successful traders from all others is their intuitive understanding that time regulates all financial opportunities. In 1984, J. Peter Steidlmayer formally introduced the Market Profile as a way to graphically depict the acceptance or rejection of price over time. For the first time, what had once been the domain of the intuitve trader was not accessible to all traders.

The ability to record price information according to time has unleashed huge amounts of useful market information in a form never before available In turn, this information explosion has triggered a new way of looking at markets and opened the doors for accelerated levels of market analysis.

Mind Over Markets is a book about learning; learning the dynamics of markets through the organization of price, time and volume, and learning how to synthesize this information with your own intuition.
Our goal is to arrie at a healthy balance between the powers of objective observation and intuitive decision making-a rare talent possessed by only the best of traders.

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